Stay Passionate, But Be Discrete

by Lipstick Elite (Skeleton Lipstick + Luxury Elite)


"Lipstick Elite" is the collaboration between hypnagogic pop synthesist SKELETON LIPSTICK and Vaporwave phenom LUXURY ELITE. Let them take you on a seductive walkabout through the deepest chasms of desire filtered through the analog lens of lo-fi grit. Lipstick Elite is a sultry nyquil induced dream of old mix tapes made for lovers whose names you've long since forgotten. Enjoy the journey, and remember to stay passionate but always be discreet.

limited edition cassettes available on

Digital Version of album from STRATFORD COURT

Artwork: Keith Rankin


released September 16, 2014

produced by Luxury Elite and Skeleton Lipstick



Skeleton Lipstick Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My name is Dr. Chris Smith. I like dogs, William S Burroughs, and the quoting the Simpsons. I write my gauze-y music with beat up 25 year old synthesizers and samplers that break and are difficult to work with. I am also a OMFS surgical resident .

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